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A good teacher empowers the student to master the unknown — making the fear-inspiring enjoyable. All of our instructor's aim is to instill confidence and build a pattern of safe habits. And that's what it's all about.

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  • Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkeling Mask
    Ocean Reef Ocean Reef Aria QR+ Full Face Snorkeling Mask $79.00
    • Weight:


    • Brand:

      Ocean Reef

    • NEW DESIGN - new strap and quick release system. This ensures greater comfort, safety and ease when putting on and taking off the mask. The quick release not only is easy to grasp, but also swivels to ensure a good hold from the comfortable elastic straps.
    • FULL VISUAL on the underwater world- The QR + mask will revolutionize your snorkeling experience. You will be able to observe everything that happens around you underwater with a 180 panoramic view. Experienced snorkelers will appreciate the dark face seal which reduces incoming surface glare for a more enjoyable visual experience.
    • ANTI-FOG - The special air circulation system inside the Ocean Reef masks ensures a fogless mask design. No more defogging techniques or products - enjoy your aquatic experience to the fullest. The air circulation system is an exclusive OCEAN REEF patent. Tested by an independent laboratory and designed to avoid possible dangerous accumulations of CO2.
    • ACCESSORIES - The mask comes with a reusable carry bag with mesh bottom for drainage to allow drying after use. QR+ is compatible with all products and accessories in the FFSM Ocean Reef line. Exclusives like Snorkie Talkie, Optical Lens Kits and matching Duo fins all add to maximize comfort for an unforgettable experience.
    • OCEAN REEF - Made in Italy - OCEAN REEF invents, designs and manufactures equipment that allows you to discover underwater wonders with ease. Rely on our 70 years of experience and quality for the best possible underwater experience, whether you are a snorkeling beginner or an experienced scuba diver.

    New for 2019! ARIA QR+ , OCEAN REEF's redesigned full face snorkeling mask
    with more technical look comes in 5 colors and 3 adult sizes. New swiveling
    quick release buckle aids in better fit by allowing strap to adjust to your
    face. Large buckles allow for easy disconnection of strap for removal. ARIA
    QR+ comes with action camera mount and carry bag included. The new design
    conveys the high quality of the product - Designed and MADE in Italy.
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  • Shearwater Research Shearwater Research Swift AI Transmitter $395.00
    • Weight:


    • Brand:

      Shearwater Research

    • Country of Origin:


    • Seamless Shearwater Sync: Designed for impeccable integration with Shearwater dive computers.
    • Real-time Monitoring: Advanced wireless tech for immediate gas pressure data.
    • Robust & Lightweight: Durable build for deep dives, compact design for easy attachment.
    • Long-lasting Battery Life: Dive more, charge less with efficient energy consumption.
    • Universal Compatibility: Effortlessly connects to any high-pressure scuba port.

    Dive smarter and with more confidence using the Shearwater Swift Wireless Transmitter. A symbol of innovation and precise engineering, the Swift enhances your underwater journey by seamlessly integrating with Shearwater dive computers, bringing real-time gas pressure monitoring to your wrist.

    Key Features

    Flawless Integration: Designed specifically for Shearwater computers, ensuring a synchronized and smooth connection every time you dive.

    Reliable Data Transmission: Employing advanced wireless technology, the Swift provides real-time data with impeccable accuracy, allowing divers to track gas consumption effortlessly.

    Durable & Compact: Crafted with robust materials, the Swift is built to withstand the pressures of the deep while maintaining a lightweight profile, perfect for any dive setup.

    Extended Battery Life: Dive longer and with peace of mind. The Swift boasts an efficient energy system, requiring fewer charges and ensuring you're always ready for your next adventure.

    Universal Attachment: Easily fasten the transmitter to any high-pressure port, making it an adaptable addition to varied scuba setups.

    With the Shearwater Swift Wireless Transmitter, dive with the assurance that you're equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Elevate your diving safety, awareness, and experience, all with a device that speaks the language of both beginners and seasoned divers alike.

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