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Dive Fins

Kick Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to underwater exploration, you have to be able to get to where the action is. Whether you are surface swimming through chop or gliding underwater with school of fish, we have the right fins for your kicking style. Keep reading to find the best fin for your dives.


Keep Swimming

Dive fins mimic the fins on a fish to allow us to move through the water as efficiently as possible. Wearing a full scuba kit makes a diver significantly heavier and more bulky, and we need more than our hands and feet to keep us moving. The right pair of fins allows a diver to glide through the water while conserving air and energy.



and smell the roses

As divers, our goal is rarely to be the fastest. You want to get to where you can see the marine life or structure your are exploring. Divers need a fin that allows them to effortlessly move through the water. Splitfins, blade fins, and heavier tech style fins can all be appropriate based on your kicking style so you can get to the reef without wearing out your legs or burning through your air.

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Choosing the right fin.

Split, blade, tech? Let us break it down for you.

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Blade Fins

Blade fins are designed for divers seeking power and efficiency in their kicks. With a solid blade structure, these fins provide strong propulsion with each stroke, making them ideal for divers navigating strong currents or carrying additional gear. They offer a traditional finning experience, requiring a bit of leg strength and stamina but rewarding divers with speed and control. Blade fins are a great choice for new and experienced divers and those looking to cover more distance with less effort. They can work well with all kicking styles. Dive into our collection of blade fins and experience the power behind each kick.

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Split Fins

Split fins operate on a unique design principle, dividing the fin blade into two parts to reduce water resistance on the upstroke and increase power on the downstroke. This design allows for easier movement through water with less effort, making split fins ideal for divers who prefer a more relaxed dive or those with knee and ankle concerns. They are particularly suited for long dives where energy conservation is key. Split fins offer the perfect blend of efficiency and comfort, making them a popular choice among recreational divers who prefer a flutter kick. Explore our range of split fins and enhance your diving experience with every flutter kick.

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Tech Fins

Tech Fins are engineered for the demanding diver who needs precision, durability, and performance in extreme conditions. With a heavier and more robust construction, tech fins provide unmatched thrust and maneuverability, essential for dealing with the rigors of technical diving, including cave and wreck exploration. These fins are often shorter and wider, designed to optimize frog kicking and reverse kicking in tight spaces. Tech fins are usually more negatively buoyant than other fins, making them a top choice for drysuit divers and anyone with floaty legs. Tech fins are the go-to choice for divers engaged in technical, rescue, or military diving operations who need reliable gear that keeps up with their demands. Gear up with our selection of tech fins, and prepare for your next challenging dive.

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