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Buoyancy Compensators

The backbone of any dive kit, BCDs bring the diver together with their tank and regulator. By inflating or deflating your BCD you can compensate for the changes in buoyancy caused by depth, air consumption, and exposure suits.


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All BCDs have an air bladder and inflator. By inflating or deflating the bladder, a diver can compensate for the changes in buoyancy caused by air use, exposure suits, and depth changes. They also allow you to inflate to float comfortably on the surface.




A well fitting BCD makes for a harmonious diver. A snug, proper fit keeps your tank in place, your weights close to you, and gives attachment points for any danglies.

Your BCD will give you the lift required to achieve neutral buoyancy underwater and to float easily on the surface.


Back Inflate BCDs

Preferred by many divers for their streamlined fit, a back inflate BCD's bladder is located behind the diver. Because of this, back inflate BCDs are much more open on the front and do not squeeze the diver when inflated, allowing for a comfortable, snug, and streamlined fit.

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Jacket Inflate BCDs

Jacket style BCDs have an aircell that wraps a diver from the back and under the arms. Commonly used by divers that prefer stability on the surface, large BCD pockets, and lots of life.

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Travel BCDs

Every pound and inch counts when you are traveling. Travel BCDs maximize your dive trip by minimizing weight and space. Using light weight, high tech materials and innovative packing designs these BCDs will make taking your full kit with you a breeze.

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Tech BCDs

Originally only used by technical divers for decompression diving, backplate/wing and sidemount BCDs have gained popularity among divers of all levels. They are popular due to the customizable fit, extremely streamlined profile, and ease of use.

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Integrated Octos

Integrated Octos replace both your backup 2nd stage octo and your BCD's inflator, combining two pieces of gear into one and eliminating a hose, streamlining a diver's regulator setup.

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BCD Accessories

From color kits, tools, pockets, and replacement parts - make your BCD yours and make it work for you.

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